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TransProcure CEO to Speak in Automotive Innovation Forum Asia 2007(June 27-29, 2007 - Millennium Hilton Bangkok Hotel, Thailand)


Procurement Asia Summit 2007 at Singapore Features
TransProcure CEO as Speaker


TransProcure CEO to Present in the 2007 Australia Sourcing and Procurement Summit

  Procurement and Sourcing Institute of Asia (PASIA) endorses “Indirect Procurement for Services” conference  

TransProcure Awarded Most Innovative BPO Company of the Year


TransProcure CEO to Present in Developing Sustainable Procurement Strategies in Oil & Gas Conference, Aberdeen, Scotland

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Managing Indirect Procurement and Service Level Agreement



  This 2-day program will discuss clear practical understanding of indirect sourcing of materials and services as well as practical techniques in services contracts.  Furthermore, knowledge for cost savings through the competitive process or through standardization, risk and protection issues in service contracting, service level agreement design, measurement, and problem solving will be further tackled in the seminar.  Preparation exercises will be given that would enrich the performance driven statement of work for services and at the same time, will review RPP/RFI processes and selection methods to assure a value decision.  



What you will learn

  • Develop a systematic understanding of the importance of Indirect Sourcing and get the basic ideas in services purchasing
  • Develop knowledge in SLA’s, with effective performance metrics
  • Creating a game plan to do professional MRO or other indirect sourcing
  • Sourcing methods for services, and selection of the “best cost” supplier
  • Practical techniques to outsourcing indirect needs and even learn to match the contract needed to the requirement as well as the techniques to resolve problems in services contracting
  • Know the risks inherit in services contracts and methods to protect your company

Price and Cost Analysis

  This 2-day program will provide hands on work and review of effective price and cost analysis.  The skills used better provide for cost reductions and negotiations objectives with suppliers.  
  What you will learn  
  • A better look at Cost/Price Analysis --- its components, processes and uses
  • Learn how to apply price comparison and other techniques
  • The components of cost analysis and cost management
  • Know how to evaluate the market  and bids at the same time
  • Learn how to establish and sustain an effective cost/price system
  • Know the proactive cost-and-price-based negotiating objectives
  Procurement Negotiation  

This 2-day program will discuss clear understanding and practical negotiation techniques which should be built into the professional toolbox of purchasing and sourcing professionals. This program brings real world experience and world-class concept into your practice through preparation exercises and role playing sessions.


What you will learn

  • Learn how to develop a systematic understanding of world-class negotiation
  • Have a better preparation for a successful negotiation
  • Know how to adapt the approaches in real situations
  • The application of practical techniques to resolve real-world problems
  • Discussions on how to deal with difficult situations and resolve issues with your opponents at the same time
  Best Practices in Strategic Sourcing  
  This 1-day program will provide a clear understanding on procurement organizations that are always faced with the daunting task of reducing costs, but the question is how to generate savings that are not only significant, but also immediate, measurable and sustainable.  Strategic sourcing is not a buzzword but a rigorous process in implementing highly advantageous supplier agreement and  helps companies analyze how they purchase products and services to lower costs, improve profits, and improve their supply chain at the same time.  

What you will learn

  • Reasons why most organizations implement strategic sourcing
  • Steps in a strategic sourcing process
  • Benefits strategic sourcing can bring in a company
  • Challenges that may be encountered to sourcing effectiveness
  Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) Review Program: An Overview  
  The Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) is globally the most recognized for supply management professionals.  To compete in today’s environment, supply managers must learn to think strategically, broaden their perspective, and view themselves as service providers.  The program is designed for experienced supply managers, and focuses on managerial and leadership skills designed to enhance the value of the profession.  
  What you will learn  
  • The program as a review and preparation for the C.P.M. examinations
  • Value added skills such as:
    • Determining appropriate methods of procurement
    • Reviewing and revising purchasing practices to ensure their conformity with established laws, policies, and ethical practices
    • Preparing for and developing strategies and tactics for negotiations
    • Developing/utilizing information technology in the procurement process
    • Developing/managing effective relationships with suppliers
    • Developing/financing and leveraging strategies for purchases
    • Developing/implementing standardization and process improvement programs
    • Organizing, controlling, and minimizing the storage of materials
    • Planning of purchasing, sourcing, and supply strategies based on forecast data
    • Developing strategic plans and objectives
    • Supervising and leading purchasing and supply staff

Contracts: From paper to computer


Contracts are the spinal cord of all enterprises. It manages and controls the company’s commitments and privileges by means of transparency and accountability. It is further a vital piece in pursuing compliance and objectives.

This 2-day program provides an extensive detail of corporate procurement contracts. This would include an in depth information about clauses, protection and uses of the many terms in Procurement.

This would provide all necessary information for understanding procurement contract terms and condition. Likewise, this is an excellent review day for those undergoing a C.P.M Module 1 and 2.

What you will learn

  • The Law’s importance in your roles as a Purchaser.
  • Learn legal and contract terms to effectively communicate with suppliers and customers.
  • Ways in avoiding legal disputes and when to seek legal advice.
  • Fundamentals in contract construction
  • Best-in-class “live” e-Contract Management technology tool… that really works!
  • Real life procurement cases that can help your organization negotiate on good contracts to save your company’s money in the long run 
  eProcurement:  Reaping the Benefits  
  The ability to control costs and coordinate activities across the supply chain is rapidly emerging as a primary source if competitive differentiation within every industry and to alleviate increasing pricing pressures. This 1-day program will discuss how automating procurement offers the greatest opportunity to improve processes, increase productivity and reduce costs. Reduction in procurement costs translates into money for money increases in profits. Early users of e-Procurement identified six key business benefits; lowered procurement administration cost, improved spend data gathering and reporting, improved compliance with contracts, shortened procure to pay cycles, enhanced negotiation leverage with suppliers, and enablement of procurement professionals to focus on more strategic tasks.  
  What you will learn  
  • What is e-Procurement?
  • Why Develop an e-Procurement Strategy?
  • Understanding E-Procurement Tools and Transactions
  • Preparing an e-Procurement Strategy
  • Selecting e-Procurement Solutions and Vendors
  • Implementing E-Procurement

Inventory Management: More than just a stockroom


This 2-day program will develop a firm background on inventory management basic requirements, from reducing cost or optimizing opportunities in an organization’s inventory to making decisions in the realm of inventory management that can affect the organization’s bottom line.


What you will learn

  • Evaluate Inventory Risk Management
  • Understanding the Impact of Inventory on the bottom line
  • Practical techniques to manage inventory
  • Insights from large companies that applies new tools and techniques in reviewing Inventory Pipeline management

Strategic Procurement


This 2-day program will highlight current practices being exercised by organizations and also provide participants a best-fit strategy.  It is essential for a company to develop a true partnership with its supplier of strategic value. The arrangement is usually long-term, single source in nature and addresses not only the parts of a product or component of a service but the design and capacity of the product and supplier as well.


What you will learn

  • Develop an understanding on strategic procurement and sourcing
  • Learn more on Procurement Outsourcing to improve your Bottom-line
  • Know world class procurement strategies
  • Knowledge on the leading edge technologies in Procurement
  • Further understanding on Strategic e-Sourcing
  Procurement and Sourcing Fundamentals in Oil & Gas  
  This essential 2-day training course is designed to provide you with a total framework to meet ever increasing project demands in the Oil and Gas sector.  This will equip you with tools enabling successful sourcing and procurement in the Oil and Gas market as you need to adopt practical procurement and supply chain strategies to meet project deadlines, considering how project delays are potentially costing you millions.  
  What you will learn  
  • An in-depth understanding on the fundamentals of setting-up purchasing specifications to efficiently meet supply deadlines for on-going project demands
  • The supplier negotiation process that would help build lasting and cost-effective relationships
  • Improvement on sourcing efficiency through the sourcing matrix framework and industry buying best-practices
  • Know how to manage the supplier contract documentation process and performance with clear understanding of deliverables and risks involved
  • Be aware of the future leading-edge procurement technologies to facilitate the streamlining and efficiency of the procurement and sourcing process
  • Analysis on the key drivers and criteria in supplier short-listing to ensure purchasing and bottom-line objectives are met
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