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   TransProcure launches Enterprise Sourcing  
  “ Allowing companies in Asia to have their own e-Sourcing solution that will enable them to be self-sufficient and strategic in managing spend, especially in a challenging economy”  
February 11, 2003 Manila, Philippines - TransProcure Corporation, the leading procurement services provider in Asia, announced the launching of Ariba Enterprise Sourcing for the Asean region. The solution is being offered on an ASP and Enterprise solution model, thus giving companies of different sizes a choice on what type of set-up is appropriate to their respective business. The product offering, named SourceMax, features Ariba‘s Sourcing 4.0 version, the latest release from the Ariba Spend Management Solutions, combined with Strategic eSourcing Services from TransProcure.
SourceMax allows companies to have their own tool for eSourcing. After a short period of assistance and support from TransProcure‘s eSourcing experts, they become equipped to operate the system themselves. This is a more viable alternative to the current situation of depending on eMarketplaces, which can only offer simple reverse auctions and which suppliers see as just an additional middle-man in the buying process. Enterprise Sourcing involves companies using proven web-based technologies and services for the identification, evaluation, negotiation, and configuration of products and services with the end objective of getting the best total cost of ownership.
  Giving what the CFO and CPO want:  
Charlie Villasenor, CEO & President of TransProcure stated: “We are extremely excited about our market offering for Enterprise Sourcing, particularly after doing some market surveys with Chief Finance Officers (CFO) and Chief Procurement Officers (CPO).
Many CFOs and Procurement Executives tell us that given the choice, they would like:
To have their own set of Sourcing tools that will empower their procurement organization to do what they are good at -Buying their stuff for their own organization
    a.) Not to have their suppliers pay any transaction fees since suppliers would eventually pass these on to the buyers
    b.) Not to have their suppliers pay any transaction fees since suppliers would eventually pass these on to the buyers
    c.) A sourcing tool that does not only handle simple reverse auctions but also items that are complex and specific for their industries, with emphasis on lowering the total cost of ownership
    d.) A system that guarantees procurement information confidentiality so they can run everything from small to large ticket items
    e.) A system that has easy terms, could be deployed rapidly, and gets the ROI in less than a year
The Hype is Over for eMarketplaces: Procurement Professionals would like to have their own tools that will enable them to do their jobs
Enterprise Sourcing is a new generation, post-dotcom enterprise-deployed solutions specifically designed to improve sourcing and supplier management processes and deliver rapid bottom-line value. The dotcom bust and the collapse of many eMarketplaces have compelled companies to take a closer examination on how to manage spend effectively and how to do it with today‘s available technology. For CPOs, this meant that they had to find practical and effective solutions to manage their company‘s purchase. Traditional methods and pay as you go arrangements with emarketplaces are no longer adequate and strategic; and this is true, particularly for companies that have participated in on-line marketplaces before. They know the pitfalls of emarketplaces and now, they have a choice they cannot afford to ignore: the use of the leading Sourcing solution by Ariba and services deployment of an Asian company whose business is only about Procurement and Sourcing.
Reverse Auctions are not enough: eSourcing allows Suppliers to differentiate themselves other than price
Enterprise Sourcing takes a completely different approach to the science of procurement. It empowers the companies' procurement team by allowing full spend capture within a strategic platform. Suppliers have the ability to differentiate themselves with features that address specific requirements aside from price. Competitive information is safeguarded and intellectual capital is retained by the buying organization.
  • Can do RFP, RFI, RFQ - RFx‘s. Not just bidding on price
  • Can do RFP, RFI, RFQ - RFx‘s. Not just bidding on price
  • Re-useable RFx Templates
  • Dynamic and Multi Stage Events
  • Multi Line, Multi Attribute, and Multi Currency - not just competing on prices
  • Category Team Management
  • Bundling and Market Baskets
  • Matrix and Tiered Pricing
  • Total Cost and Scoring Mechanisms
  • Excel Integration
  • Public and Private Messaging
  • Supplier Discovery
  • Archiving, Audit, and Reporting
According to Villasenor, “It will be a big surprise for me to see companies that are not moving into Enterprise Sourcing. The company that does not have this will be at a substantial disadvantage, especially in today‘s down economy because those who have it will be way up the curve with the competition - simply because they manage their spend better and generate substantial savings that clearly affect the bottomline.”
  Value for your Money: Enabling companies to gain better access to top-of-the-line eSourcing solutions  
TransProcure constantly works with CFOs and CPOs to address spend management concerns. By offering SourceMax, companies of any size now have a better choice. With the software being hosted by a world class Internet Data Center (IDC) and packaged at a very attractive total cost, companies can confidently invest with SourceMax.
TransProcure offers various commercial options for use of the software. Clients can choose to own the whole software or opt for a “pay per use” arrangement (i.e. 1-3 years), in which case the solution will be hosted by ePLDT. In both cases, TransProcure ensures that the company generates ROI within 1 year. The most important thing about SourceMax is that it makes the Enterprise Sourcing solution available from day one. Furthermore, should a company decide to have their own hardware, it only takes a couple of weeks to install the entire solution. Trial events are offered to prove the point.
  Customer Testimonial: ROI is less than a Year!  
Some of the earlier adapters of Ariba‘s Enterprise Sourcing Solution in Asia are Caltex, Samsung, and International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI) and all are reaping the benefits of the software.
According to Antonio Coronel, Purchasing Manager of ICTSI, the company is “pleased with the results of Ariba eSourcing which was deployed to us by TransProcure. We are confident that we will realize our ROI in less than a year. By our 5th month, we have already achieved over 60% of our investment. We are now ready to maximize all other advantages that may be extracted from the Ariba Spend Management Software and TransProcure services from hereon.”
Mark Mojares, VP - Technology and Global Services of TransProcure also said that after using the eSourcing software, “ICTSI has achieved a better understanding of the procurement process. The company also gained more knowledge on the commodities they sourced out because suppliers shared more information on their products during the sourcing events. ICTSI gained new techniques on evaluation, realized additional and alternative possibilities to current commodities purchased, and was able to leverage new technologies. Most important of all, the implementation of Ariba solutions and the events immediately following it resulted in a list of best procurement practices that the company can use as a guide for similar undertakings in the future. Companies like ICTSI using enterprise sourcing are certainly gaining the competitive edge in the market.”
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