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Consortium and group buying has been the latest fad in the corporate world. It is a procurement practice wherein companies of different industries but with similar materials and services requirements join forces to obtain discount in their needs. Most businesses chose to venture into this so-called “hybrid outsourcing solution” due to its speed in the market, quick return of investments, and well-negotiated services agreements. 
As a leading global BPO-Procurement service provider, TransProcure offers Consortium and Group Buying as one of its services. We believe that it is an essential factor for every company to augment its procurement capabilities through this kind of practice.
What we do
TransProcure leverages aggregated purchase volumes of various commodities for your organization. We serve our clients by functioning as a consortium buyer, volume aggregator, and facilitator. Through our versatility and highly competitive skills in procurement, we maximize cost reductions and arrive at the best possible market cost for the common commodity required by our clients.
Reaping the rewards of consortium buying
TransProcure builds harmonious relationships with the clients by giving them security and comfort that their organization’s information are safe with us. It has been our practice to treat these matters with high confidentiality. We are devoted to give quality services that will give satisfaction to our clients.
Here are the advantages of engaging into consortium buying:
  1. Through participating in a consortium, your company will gain awareness of the substantial initial cost reductions.
  1. There is motivation for long-time members of the consortium caused by the stability of lower costs and reliable relationships.
  1. Satisfaction is given to suppliers through the predictability of future volume requirements of the consortium and by the timely and dependable receivables.
  1. Suppliers are transformed as vertical partners through proactive cooperation in managing product cost where they become more essential to the victory of their companies.
  1. Participants, buyers and sellers are given significant and lasting rewards through properly managed consortium programs that enhance quality, competitiveness and financial performance.
  1. The consortium embodies powerful strategic procurement direction for the future, creating a wonderful blend of strong independence and flexibility with the synergy of teamwork.
Our edge in providing the service
With our efficient technology and experienced team, TransProcure guarantees to mark a significant difference to your bottom line. Our wide network of buyers and suppliers will help in meeting and exceeding your expected reductions and savings for your company.
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