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TransProcure CEO to Speak in Automotive Innovation Forum Asia 2007(June 27-29, 2007 - Millennium Hilton Bangkok Hotel, Thailand)


Procurement Asia Summit 2007 at Singapore Features
TransProcure CEO as Speaker


TransProcure CEO to Present in the 2007 Australia Sourcing and Procurement Summit

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TransProcure Awarded Most Innovative BPO Company of the Year


TransProcure CEO to Present in Developing Sustainable Procurement Strategies in Oil & Gas Conference, Aberdeen, Scotland

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TransProcure believes that Spend Management won’t work without the supplier’s cooperation. Our team of skilled functional consultants and expert procurement trainers use their category expertise and knowledge in the particular industry to enable suppliers at no cost to them. This drives rapid supplier adoption and translates to more savings and streamlines process efficiencies for your company.
Training and Development Services
Worldwide skills at your doorstep
The procurement services we provide are as diverse as the countries in which we work. TransProcure enhances and sustains project success through a systematic approach with a focus on competence assurance. We ensure a comprehensive training process that remains focused on the procurement needs of the organizations. The process includes:
  • Careful assessments and attention to determining training goals
  • Designing and building methods and materials that are directly aligned to achieve the goals
  • Designing and building methods and materials that are directly aligned (and often pre-tested) to achieve training goals
  • Implementing training
  • Careful evaluation to ensure that training is carried out effectively and training goals were reached
Why train Procurement Professionals
TransProcure’s training programs intend to challenge procurement professionals to review their work and give insights and knowledge that they can immediately draw upon to deliver greater value to the organization.
The training programs are aimed at experienced Buyers and high-level Procurement Professionals who are experienced and have been in role for a few years but who perhaps have not had formal Procurement training recently or who seek to sharpen their skills.
Achieve your Procurement goals
Reducing costs in the acquisition of goods and services allow you to maximize your profit. Talking about reduction is easy – achieving reduction requires effective training programs and strategies for your personnel. In today’s fast-paced environment, improvements and advances in procurement and supply chain management can easily outstrip the knowledge and abilities of your people. TransProcure can help bring your people up to speed.
TransProcure conducts training programs and seminars such as:
  • Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.)
  • E-Sourcing User Certification
  • Diploma in Supply Chain Management: Modular Learning System
  • Procurement Management Development Program
  • Logistics Management Seminar Series
    a.) Distribution Management Seminar
    b.) Fundamentals in Inventory Planning and Control Seminar

    c.) Warehouse Operations Management Workshop
TransProcure has a team of qualified procurement and supply chain management experts available to facilitate these training programs. We are highly flexible in terms of meeting your varying procurement needs and objectives. We can conduct in-house trainings or to any location at your convenience.
Achievement at each phase of training development
As a full-service provider, we work with you to develop your procurement practices, from spend analysis to procurement consulting; our highly effective training programs are designed for developing procurement processes that would fit to your company in achieving savings from purchasing expenditure. We link training and performance objectives with long-term business results.
The training programs we provide are designed to deliver the twin objectives of competitive advantage and reduced supply chain risk.
Applying best practices
Whatever your organization does, what procurement processes and strategies it uses – our Procurement and Supply Chain specialists will bring their benefits of knowledge and experience on Supply Chain Management gained from best practices in different industries.
Our procurement specialists will help you to…..
  • Improve your spend management
  • Improve vendor performance through a supplier performance management program
  • Optimize supplier relationships
  • Improve risk management
  • Map and improve processes
  • Leverage of technology such as eProcurement
  • Conduct benchmarking
  • Achieve efficiency through the systemization of purchasing operations
  • Utilizing a strategic plan
Your business performance depends on your people.
Our approach to training and development is focused on meeting your goals, and ensuring measurable and verifiable results.
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