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TransProcure CEO to Speak in Automotive Innovation Forum Asia 2007(June 27-29, 2007 - Millennium Hilton Bangkok Hotel, Thailand)


Procurement Asia Summit 2007 at Singapore Features
TransProcure CEO as Speaker


TransProcure CEO to Present in the 2007 Australia Sourcing and Procurement Summit

  Procurement and Sourcing Institute of Asia (PASIA) endorses “Indirect Procurement for Services” conference  

TransProcure Awarded Most Innovative BPO Company of the Year


TransProcure CEO to Present in Developing Sustainable Procurement Strategies in Oil & Gas Conference, Aberdeen, Scotland

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Oil and Gas

Being the preferred BPO-Procurement services provider by top companies from various industries, TransProcure Corp. was chosen by one of the largest integrated energy companies to facilitate for one of its biggest Strategic Sourcing initiative across six countries for a US$40 Million spend on a single category.


Equipped with the expertise and experience, TransProcure formulated and deployed an all-Filipino team for the Strategic Sourcing project. We gathered all the outstanding procurement professionals who will handle the project to assure that everything will turn out just the way the client expected it to be.


In the course of the project, TransProcure came up with solutions that would paint a wonderful future for the business. In order develop the knowledge and skills of the client’s staff, TransProcure conducted Procurement Trainings that would strengthen the procurement structure and help establish the stability of the purchasing system. An executive search program was also created to assist the company in finding qualified individuals who will serve as Strategic Procurement Managers.


Real Estate


Engaged in business deals with companies from various industries, TransProcure Corp. was tapped by one of the respected real estate and property development companies to do an extensive Procurement Study that would assist them in developing a better purchasing system. The study was successfully completed using a quantitative method.


After collecting all the information and examining the outcomes of the study, TransProcure created an extensive report that shows the strong and weak points of the company’s procurement structure and procedures. Tested and proven solutions were also recommended.

Through the help of TransProcure, several e-Sourcing events were held which brought significant savings to the client. These savings came from electronic bidding events such as: Transformers, Switch Gears, Janitorial Services, Pipes, and Electrical Components.

Food and Beverage

Being in the frontline in helping businesses of various sizes and industries, TransProcure Corp. successfully completed a Procurement Study for one of the largest branded food companies in the Philippines. The conducted study for the company covered Spend Diagnostic, Corporate Spend & Sourcing Analysis, and Strategic & Operational Recommendations.

To help the company enhance its procurement capabilities, TransProcure gathered the necessary information and analyzed them based on report findings. Through the results, we produced a comprehensive report on the current procurement structure and processes of the business. From that, TransProcure designed solutions that would best fit the client’s needs. We also gave recommendations that helped enable the company in meeting its procurement initiatives.


Through the expertise and proven solutions of the TransProcure team, the client earned substantial amount of savings from various electronic bidding events such as: vehicles, electrical services, farm houses, and civil works.




Focused on helping organizations improve their company spend profile, TransProcure rendered its services to one of the largest banks in the country. We responded to the client by conducting a successful Procurement Study that paved way in determining their needs and requirements. The study was divided into two methodologies namely: Quantitative and Qualitative Process Reviews.


For the Quantitative Method, TransProcure covered Spend Diagnostic, Corporate Spend & Sourcing Analysis, and Strategic & Operational Recommendations. On the other hand, the Qualitative Process Review includes Strategy, Organization, Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Systems, Supplier Management & Performance Management, Enabling Tools, and Current & Suggested Future State of Procurement.


Having done the necessary measures, TransProcure gathered all the needed data and analyzed them based on report findings. With the results at hand, we came up with a comprehensive report on the client’s procurement structures and processes. Additional recommendations were also given to enhance the bank’s procurement initiatives.


Leveraging its presence across the globe, TransProcure Corp. was chosen by one of the largest and leading high technology and telecommunication manufacturing companies to provide solutions and services that would improve their purchasing structure and processes.


Being one of the biggest leading technology and telecommunication manufacturing companies, the client asked TransProcure to handle the Procurement Managed Service for its Indirect Materials and Services in the Philippines. With that, an ongoing rapid deployment is being conducted to ASEAN countries such as: Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, India, China, and Japan.


As a result, the business was able to earn approximately 11% cost reduction and 90 percent improvement on purchase cycle time. Until now, TransProcure is still doing business with the abovementioned client and positive outcomes are continuously being delivered.

Retail and Manufacturing Industry

Having over 7,400 stores across the globe, an International Retail and Manufacturing business sought the expertise of TransProcure Corp. to be able to continue its vision through the enhancement of its procurement capabilities.


Devoted in promoting procurement best practices by helping different businesses, TransProcure assisted the client in its Product Registration Service. In order to improve their procurement process, we provided documentation and workflow services in the registration of the client’s branded products which are manufactured by 700 global suppliers. These products are for export and sale to 11 Asian countries.


The project with the client officially started last April 2006 and is still currently on-going. Results of this project will tell whether the services will also provided to the other branches of the business. But so far, there are already continuous positive outcomes.

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